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I have over 15 years experience as a professional astrologer and my work has appeared internationally in a number of venues. I was the editor and researcher of the former Astrology Secrets Revealed: Q+A column on the website of one of the world’s most famous astrologers, Jonathan Cainer. My site was also chosen as a Yahoo Pick of the Day.

I am on the board of the AYA (The Association of Young Astrologers) and am its Regional Director for France.

I hate a lot of the baggage that astrology carries with it and how it preys on people’s fears and sense of helplessness. Instead I try to use astrology as a tool to help prepare for and deal with life’s sometimes-random journey. It’s a way of predicting the weather, not of meteorological phenomena, but of emotions and events in your life. I don’t believe in giving short-term, feel-good, new age, self-help “advice” that just really manipulates people. I also ban the use of lavender and star imagery from my site.

I started as a skeptic, and astrology really works….I can say this from the fact that I deal mostly in super-cold readings, just send me an email with your date of birth, perhaps a question and I can read from there. No visual or vocal clues possible (or needed!).

If you want to get in contact: michelle at astrologydetective dot com