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Birthday Twins: April 30

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Ashley Alexandra Dupre Sun: Taurus Ascendant: Unknown Moon: Virgo More of today’s birthday twins at dlisted So this is that girl who was outed as the New York Governor Elliot Spitzer’s personal undercover lady. I know this isn’t really that interesting, but it’s a slow birth day; people born on this day tend to be […]

The Daily Vibe: April 30

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Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Want to Have Fun Moon sextile Venus; Moon sextile Pluto; Moon opposite Saturn; Venus into Taurus Today’s mellow Moon just wants to have a lazy, relaxed time. Venus’ entry into luxuriant Taurus emphasises the indulgent vibe. If you have to take on a lot of work or responsibility, it will probably […]

The Daily Vibe: April 29

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The Cure: Pictures of You Mercury square Neptune; Moon conjunct Neptune; Moon square Mercury; Mercury sextile Mars There’s a lot of mental confusion and wistful melancholy today as the emotional Moon hits artistic Neptune stirring up emotions that cause you to reflect over lost opportunities. As mindful Mercury tries to get to grips with all […]

Birthday Twins: April 29

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Eve Plumb aka Jan Brady (50) Sun: Taurus Ascendant: Unknown Moon: Virgo More of today’s birthday twins at dlisted Eve Plumb was the child star of this 60s groovelicious tv show about a woman with 3 daughters who married a man with three sons and all the resulting hijinx that ensued. “Jan” was the middle […]

Birthday Twins: April 28

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Ferruccio Lamborghini Sun: Taurus Ascendant: Libra Moon: Pisces More of today’s birthday twins at dlisted Taurus is a sign of contradictions: on one hand it is very earthy and down-to-the-ground; on the other, as it is ruled by Venus, it is also the sign of luxury items. The thing to remember about Taurean high-ticket items […]

The Daily Vibe: April 28

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Thomas Dolby: She Blinded Me With Science Mercury sextile Uranus; Mercury trine Jupiter; Moon square Sun Today has a heavy Mercury vibe, meaning we may tend to interrelate with the world and with others on an intellectual level today. It’s all about the mind and innovation. With Mercury aspecting both Uranus and Jupiter, be prepared […]

Birthday Twins: April 25

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Ella Fitzgerald Sun: Taurus Ascendant: Unknown Moon: Gemini More of today’s birthday twins at dlisted Ella Fitzgerald is maybe the greatest American singer of the 20th century. If you have never heard her magnus opus the songbook collection, you have to totally check it out. It’s a bit pricey to buy, but is also the […]

The Daily Vibe: April 25

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Queen: Play the Game Moon in Capricorn; Moon conjunct Pluto; Moon trine Saturn; Venus sextile Neptune; Moon trine Sun “It’s so easy when you know the rules…Everybody play the game called love.” These words from the Queen song shown in the above somewhat cheesy pre-Mtv era video, sums ups today’s transits. The Moon in Capricorn […]

Birthday Twins: April 24

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Barbra Streisand Sun: Taurus Ascendant: Aries Moon: Leo More of today’s birthday twins at dlisted Barbara Streisand has Mercury conjunct the Sun in her first house. Taurus rules the voice, and while she has a natural talent, her Mercury shows she understands the technical aspects of singing, as well. Streisand’s chart isn’t all fun and […]

The Daily Vibe: April 24

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Richard Harris Macarthur Park Venus square Jupiter; Mars opposite Jupiter; Moon square Uranus; Moon trine Venus; Moon sextile Neptune Click on the song title to have a listen. The Passion. The Drama. The Love. The Hate. The Cake. The Rain. This is one of those days when normally banal domestic dramas can get blown up […]

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