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Birthday Twins : May 30 : Ted McGinley : Patron Saint of Jump The Shark

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Ted McGinley: Kiss of Death to TV Shows Sun: Gemini Ascendant: Unknown Moon: Scorpio A list of today’s birthday twins at dlisted The term “Jump the Shark” has entered the lexicon to indicate the turning point when a good TV show loses it and starts its slow and inevitable decline. The phrase comes from a […]

The Daily Vibe : May 30 : Born to Be Alive

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Patrick Hernandez: Born to Be Alive Moon sextile Venus, Moon sextile Sun, Moon trine Mars The biggest-selling record ever in France! While the Brits were listening to post-punk synthesizers and the ska revival, the French had Patrick Fernandez… The weekend ends on an up note after a rather intense week. It’s as if all the […]

Birthday Twins : May 29 : LaToya : The Blacksheep of the Jackson Family

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LaToya Jackson: Reformed Blacksheep of the Jacksons Sun: Gemini Ascendant: Unknown Moon: Aquarius A list of today’s birthday twins at dlisted In the Jackson Clan, LaToya somehow has often been the odd one out, suffering periods of estrangements with her family, and often acting out against them by divulging family secrets and making public accusations […]

The Daily Vibe : May 29 : Don’t Push Me

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Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five: The Message Moon square Mercury, Moon trine Jupiter, Moon conjunct Uranus, Moon into Aries, Moon square Pluto Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head. It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under… Today’s […]

The Daily Vibe : May 28 : Madness

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Madness: My Girl Moon square Sun The only major aspect today is the Moon’s square of the Sun. Today, emotional issues, especially ones that have been festering for a time, can conflict with our ego needs. This can be a day when petty squabbles boil up to the surface and all those things that your […]

Birthday Twins : May 28 : Ian Fleming : Writing Talent in a Chart

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Ian Fleming: Creator of James Bond Sun: Gemini Ascendant: Aquarius Moon: Taurus A list of today’s birthday twins at dlisted If you want to detect writing talent in a birth chart, there are 3 things you want to look for primarily: planets and aspects emanating from the 3rd house, as well as that house’s ruler, […]

The Daily Vibe : May 27 : Fabulously Lazy

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Franz Ferdinand: Fabulously Lazy Moon conjunct Neptune, Moon into Pisces, Moon sextile Pluto, Moon opposite Saturn, Moon square Venus This is such a sluggish day, but if you can somehow manage to cocoon yourself off into your own little corner of the universe you can actually be productive in a creative, fabulously lazy way. Venus […]

Starwatch : Mercury Retrograde : You talkin’ to Me?

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Here’s Burt from Sesame Street doing the Taxi Driver monologue, language NSFW. Mercury Retro sometimes feels this way. Today Mercury goes retrograde until June 19. Mercury retrogrades are periods when the energy related to the planet Mercury and the sectors it rules can go a bit screwy. Communication can go haywire with crossed wires and […]

The Daily Vibe : May 26 : Mexican Radio

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Wall of Voodoo: Mexican Radio Mercury Retrograde within a half hour of Neptune going retrograde, Venus square Saturn, Moon trine Mercury I’m on a wavelength far from home….Today is a rather surreal day, when you may feel like you are moving and communicating underwater…or on a Mexican radio. Mercury and Neptune both station retrograde at […]

Birthday Twins : May 26 : Pam Grier : A Chick With Drive Who Don’t Take No Jive

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Pam Grier: 70s Alpha Female Sun: Gemini Ascendent: Unknown Moon: Taurus A list of today’s birthday twins at dlisted The women’s movement, black power, and the sexual revolution all came together and manifested themselves perfectly in one actress: Pam Grier. Pluto is the planet that defines generations. While “normal people” may talk about Baby Boomers […]

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