Duran Duran: New Moon on Monday
New Moon in Taurus, Moon sextile Uranus, Moon trine Jupiter

If only all revolutions could be like this! Instead of obliterating the enemy with bombs, organise a surprise block party armed with firecrackers, kites and superfab well-tailored outfits with really large shoulder pads. The enemy would be too overcome by shock and awe to resist. Anyways, there is a New Moon this Monday, and New Moons, just like Mondays, are good times to start a new phase. Whatever new undertakings that you begin today will be highly favoured to succeed. The fact that the Moon is making such lucky aspects to Jupiter and Uranus only emphasizes this. If you ever wanted to roll the dice and follow that crazy dream, today is as good as any.

One last small thing, though. I really hate to be one of those annoying killjoys who always pick out the inconsistencies in movies, but a New Moon is basically when we see no Moon in the sky. In this video there is a very obvious crescent Moon that electrifies the “lonley satellite” of a kite.