When I see images of Barack Obama bowling in a tie, all I can think is, you’ve done your sign proud. Obama is a Leo, and like most Leos, has a really sophisticated sense of dress, but done on a more frugal budget than most would imagine. Leos have this ability to create magic out of nothingness, and that includes personal style.

Obama says he only has five suits, and four pairs of shoes, and I don’t doubt him. Leos are able to take limited raw materials and yet subsequently command an air of supreme self-confidence. A lot of people take this for elitism, but for Leos it’s their desire to escape from the dreariness of ordinary life. If it takes the same price and the same effort to wear something that elevates, then why not? A Leo doesn’t understand a closet full of cheap, practical clothes, when a few well-chosen pieces can keep them styling. This includes Leos on a budget. They can go to the same discount stores, but be able to emerge with just the right pieces that make them look more sophisticated than they have the economic means to be.

Obama caused a stir the other day because it was the first time since the election began that he made a public appearance in jeans. When I think about it, very few Leos I know are caught out in public in denim. The material is extremely difficult to work with to get a flattering line, as well as being just too utilitarian and practical. Go back to eating waffles in a tie, Barack, and elevating the mundane to something just a bit more magical.