Breaking Glass (1980)
Starring: Hazel O’Connor, Phil Daniels, Jonathan Pryce

In honor of Hazel O’Connor’s Birthday!

When I was a kid, there was a tv station that had a really low budget, and a really limited programming schedule. I kind of lucked out, though, because they used to show this film at least twice a month during the wee hours of the weekend. This film perfectly captures that time that was the cusp between punk and new wave, fusing anger and energy with synth-inspired fashions. The music is absolutely incredible, and is probably one of the best soundtracks ever.

Hazel O’Connor stars as Kate, a wanna-be musician who sings against the machine of society only to be transformed into a kind of made-over corporately processed singing robot at the end. As a bonus, there is a pretty hot, young Phil Daniels as eye candy.

This is one of the best 80s movies out there. Unfortunately it hasn’t been released on dvd, so it has been really hard to find. But thanks to a great uploader over at youtube, you can see the entire thing. Embedding was disabled, but just follow the link to see the film.