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The Daily Vibe : June 30 : I’ll Plant My Own Tree

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Lena Horne: I’ll Plant My Own Tree Moon square Mars, Moon into Gemini, Moon square Saturn, Mars trine Pluto If you are feeling a bit emotionally wronged or slighted by the world, this is a great day to set the tables right and claim your stake of the pie. Mars, in creative and dynamic Leo, […]

Birthday Twins : June 30 : Susan Hayward : Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

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Susan Hayward: Actress Sun: Cancer Asendant: Scorpio Moon: Scorpio Hayward made movies filled with gutsy women at a time when most female roles were all sweetness and starlight. Nominated for 5 Academy Awards, and winning one, she captured the indie spirit in her portrayals of alcoholics and murderers. Her Scorpio Moon and Ascendant give her […]

The Daily Vibe / Starwatch : June 27 : Tomorrow Never Knows : Uranus Retrograde

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The Beatles: Tomorrow Never Knows Uranus retrograde, Moon sextile Mercury, Moon square Jupiter, Moon sextile Neptune Uranus goes retrograde today and will remain that way until the early days of November. When an outer planet goes retrograde it is a time when its energy tends to be more internally focussed. Uranus is the planet of […]

Birthday Twins : June 27 : He Wrote the Song, Actually

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Bruce Johnston, Musician (The Beach Boys) and Composer of I Write the Songs Sun: Cancer No, this was one song Barry did not write, the true man who wrote the song that made the whole world sing was Bruce Johnton, also one of the Beach Boys (He replaced Glen Campbell, who had replaced Brian Wilson […]

The Daily Vibe : June 26 : Total Control

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The Clash: Total Control Moon square Pluto, Moon into Aries, Moon square Sun, Moon square Venus In honor of Mick Jones’ B-day… Today merits some total punk rock energy. Things may come to a breaking point if you have been in a power-game situation for a while; your emotions may no longer take it. The […]

Birthday Twins : June 26 : Michael Vick : Enemy of Man’s Best Friend

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Michael Vick, Football Star and Dog Fighter: 1980 Sun: Cancer It is interesting that Michael Vick’s incarceration due to dog fighting basically coincides with the time that Saturn transits Virgo. Saturn is the planet of isolation and imprisonment and Virgo is the ruling sign of dogs. As Saturn passes through Virgo, it will be making […]

OT : John McCain’s Unhealthy Obsession With the Colour Green

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In my other “life” I am a graphic designer (yes, was done by me), and I have to say I am a bit flummoxed by presidential candidate John McCain’s continued use of green. The above is his latest anti-Obama ad. As you may remember, on the night Obama clinched the nomination, McCain made a […]

Birthday Twins : June 25 : The Story of George Michael

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George Michael, Renegade Musician, half of Wham!, and Public Restroom Cruiser Sun: Cancer Ascendant: Cancer Moon: Leo Star Stories is one of my all time favourite tv shows and the George Michael one is the funniest (imho). I have posted it in its entirety above and below. What is there to say about George Michael? […]

The Daily Vibe : June 25 : Wham Rap and Young Guns

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Wham!: Wham Rap and Young Guns Sun sextile Saturn, Moon sextile Jupiter, Moon conjunct Uranus DO YOU ENJOY WHAT YOU DO? IF NOT JUST STOP! DON’T STAY THERE AND ROT! With Sun sextile Saturn today, you will want to be enjoying what you do or the Moon conjunct Uranus may just cause you to chuck […]

The Daily Vibe : June 24 : Feelin’ Groovy

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Simon and Garfunkel: Feelin’ Groovy Moon trine Sun, Moon trine Venus, Moon opposite Saturn, Moon square Mercury Today is a day when groovy feelings abound, as long as you let them. The Moon’s t-square to Saturn and Mercury, make this a rather heavy day to deal with obligations or finding solutions. The impetus to day-dreaming […]

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