Sorry for the groan-inducing wordplay in the title, but it is Gemini season, and Gemini is said to rule puns and such.

A bit of astro trivia, Drew Barrymore’s current boyfriend, Justin Long, and her last longterm bf, Fabrizio Moretti of the Strokes, are birthday twins, both born today June 2 – but two years apart.

Pisces (Drew’s sign) and Gemini have one of those fatal attractions. There can be an attraction and infinity as they are both mutable signs, but as they are square to each other, there is a constant challenge to the dynamic, as one partner pushes the other to change and growth. Nothing is easy-going long-term with this sign combination, but can be quite enriching. Of course, natal aspects to other planets need to be examined to determine full compatibility.

People are often attracted to people with a similar astrological make-up as an ex, in the same way that some people go out with people that all look relatively similar.