Curt Smith: Tears for Fears Musician and Angst-Ridden Proto-Emo
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Scorpio

We have now moved solidly into Cancer Sun signs. I must admit, I am a bit sad to see the Gems go, as they add a lot of colour to the world. Now as we enter the realm of the Cancer birthdays, we will encounter people with a more low-key, sentimental and nurturing vibe. Feelings come to the fore, as Cancers actually care about things, as opposed to Geminis who feel fine cutting their losses at the first sign of BS. When unhappy, Cancers move into the angst-ridden world of turbulent feelings, as opposed to Geminis who intellectualise things and fight with sarcasm and irony.

Tears for Fears were a Cancer – Virgo match made in heaven. These two signs get along quite well and are on the same vibe that looks to the more sacred side of life, and have a tendency to take pain and suffering seriously, and almost thrive off it.

Other June 24 Birthday Twins:

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, favourite of Elizabeth I: 1533
Ambrose Bierce, Author: 1842
Gerrit Rietveld, Architect and Furniture Designer: 1888
Roy O. Disney, Co-Founder of the Walt Disney Company: 1893
Jack Dempsey, Boxer: 1895
Claude Chabrol, Film Director: 1930
Michele Lee, Actress: 1942
Jeff Beck, Musician: 1944
George Pataki, Former Governor of New York: 1945
Peter Weller, Actor, Robocop: 1947
Mick Fleetwood, Musician: 1947