Amy Winehouse isn’t having the best time of it. She has had some major astrological transits going on for the past few years, including a now-ended Pluto conjunction of her natal Neptune and Moon, which could have led to an increase in drug use.

Amy has now been diagnosed with emphysema, brought about through her drug use and smoking. It is so bad she is reported to have only 70 per cent use of her lungs, and could wind up in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank; she is just 25.

She is presently undergoing a Uranus opposition to her Mercury. Mercury rules the lungs, and Uranus oppositions can bring sudden changes to one’s life. These changes usually upset long-occurring outmoded, negative patterns of behaviour. There is no turning a blind eye or sweeping things under the rug when a stressful Uranus transit happens. Things are brought into the open in a dramatic, sometimes frightening way. The good thing about Uranus transits is they sweep out the bad habits, people and ideas from our lives so we can move onto a healthier future.

It’s so sad when you see earlier pictures of Amy from just a few years ago. Maybe the dress was all wrong, but she looked liked a different person.