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John McCain : Portrait of a Virgo

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This new ad by John McCain is soooooo Virgo. Remember the negative attacks by Hillary, intense and dramatic. The Virgo attack, however, is text-book passive-aggression, judgement and martyrdom. When Obama was in Europe last week, McCain released a statement saying he “felt a little left out.” Virgos aren’t flashy characters and their need to please […]

Site Announcement

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I will be making a number of site updates, as well as writing the 2009 horoscopes over the next few weeks, so I need to take a break from the daily blogging. Over the next few weeks, I will still be updating the blog but not on a daily basis, but as news or astro-events […]

The Daily Vibe : July 29 : Think Twice

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Erykah Badu: Think Twice Moon sextile Venus, Moon square Uranus, Moon trine Neptune, Moon Opposite Pluto, Moon into Cancer, Sun conjunct Mercury The Sun conjuncts Mercury in creative Leo. You will be able to get a lot accomplished today if you put your brainpower to use finding creative, fun solutions to problems. It is also […]

Amy Winehouse Rushed to Emergency Room : Saturn and Health

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The Associated Press is reporting that Amy Winehouse has been rushed to the ER. Amy is undergoing a few heavy transits. We spoke previously about the fact that Saturn is currently transiting her sign. Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of health and wellness, and a lot of Virgos may be dealing […]

Birthday Twins : July 29 : Leo Sex Appeal

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Theda Bara: The Original Vamp Sun: Leo Ascendant: Taurus Moon: Pisces Today sees the Birthday of two of the biggest sex symbols of the Silent Film era: Theda Bara, The Original Vamp, and Clara Bow, The First “It” Girl and quintessential flapper. Leos are known for their sexy personas, but once in a couple they […]

The Daily Vibe : July 25 : Material Girl

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Madonna: Material Girl Moon sextile Neptune, Moon square Mercury, Moon trine Pluto, Moon square Sun There may be a delusional tendency today to feel a lot more powerful and in control than you really are, leading to temperamental fits and bad decision making. A lot of diva-like behaviour could be on the horizon today, so […]

Birthday Twins : July 25 : Louise Brown : The Word’s First Test Tube Baby Turns 30

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Louise Brown, World’s First Test Tube Baby Sun: Leo Asceandant: Taurus Moon: Aries It seems hard to believe that the world’s first test tube babe is only 30 years old. We take these kind of procedures for granted these days. Louise is a Leo, and Leo rules the 5th house of child-bearing and fertility. As […]

The Daily Vibe : July 24 : Summertime

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Ella Fitzgerald: Summertime Moon trine Venus, Moon square Jupiter Lazy day. The living is easy. Hasta Manana…. By the way, I know it is winter in the southern hemisphere, so all you aussie’s out there, please don’t send me hate mail.

Birthday Twins : July 24 : Zelda Fitzgerald

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Zelda Fitzgerald, Writer, Flapper, and Wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald Sun: Leo Ascendant: Leo Moon: Cancer Leo women aren’t shrinking violets, and they have a strong gusto for life and living large. Even in the days before feminism, Leo women had the ability to live their life on their own terms (like men) without falling […]

Popwatch: Christian Bale’s Mommy Problems

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Christian Bale was taken in for questioning today on a verbal assault charge filed against him by his mom and sister. I should be locked away for life under the 3 strikes law, if I had been arrested every time I got into it with my mum and sister. So Christian’s mum is a small-time […]

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