Edward Hopper: Painter
Sun: Cancer
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Libra

Today is one of those cusp-y days. People born today could either be Cancer or Leo, depending on the year, and sometimes even time of day.

Opinion differs on what it means to be born on a cusp, which means the days when the Sun is changing signs. Some astrologer feels that people born on the cusp portray traits of each sign, while others feel that you are the sign you are born in.

The confusion arises because alot of sun sign horoscope columns are pretty basic and don’t go too far into “real” astrology. They often give dates for signs, with the first and last days of the sign often changing from column to column. Since they can’t give deep explanations and full ephemerides listing the ingress of the Sun into the following sign, which changes from year to year, they say to read both horoscopes.

For me, I believe that you are the sign you are born into – astronomically you are definitely one sign. If there is any blending of characteristics, it is because the personal planets are always found in the signs next to the Sun. So if you have Sun in Leo, there is a good chance you have Cancer in Venus, making you a bit of a hopeless romantic and fool for love. I also believe in this method because the last degree of a sign and the first degree of the sign are the most intense. So if you are born with the Sun in the first degree or two of a sign or the last degree, this makes this energy much more concentrated, than if you were born with the Sun in the middle-degrees, when the energy is a bit more comfortable in its own skin.

Today, we have two great artists, Hopper and Calder, sharing birthdays as well as the man who directed Frankenstein and the man who had a hit with the song Dr. Funkenstein.

Tomorrow, I will go more into Leo characteristics, so check back then.

Other July 22nd Birthday Twins:

Alessandro de’ Medici, Duke of Florence: 1510
James Whale, Director of Frankenstein: 1889
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, Kennedy Family Matriarch: 1890
Stephen Vincent Benét, Author: 1898
Alexander Calder, Artist: 1898
Bob Dole, American Politician, Republican Nominee for Prez vs Clinton: 1923
Orson Bean, Actor: 1928
Oscar de la Renta: Fashion Designer: 1932
Louise Fletcher, Actress: 1934
Tom Robbins, Author: 1936
Terence Stamp, Actor: 1938
George Clinton, Godfather of Funk: 1941
Alex Trebek, Who is the host of Jeopardy?: 1940
Kay Bailey Hutchison, U.S. Senator from Texas: 1943
Bobby Sherman, Singer: 1943
Danny Glover, Actor: 1946
Paul Schrader, Director: 1946
Albert Brooks, Comedian: 1947
Don Henley, Musician: 1947
SE Hinton, Author, The Outsiders: 1948
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum: Ruler of Dubai at the same time as being both Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirtes, wow: 1949
Willem Dafoe, Actor: 1955
Keith Sweat, Singer: 1961
Rob Estes, Actor: 1963
Emily Saliers, Indigo Girl: 1963
John Leguizamo, Actor: 1964
David Spade, Actor: 1964
Rhys Ifans, Actor: 1968
Rufus Wainwright, Singer: 1973
Franka Potente, Actress: 1974