The wait is over, according to CNN at least. If this is a red herring blame them. Sources have confirmed that Joe Biden is Obama’s pick for VP.

Let’s put politics aside and get straight into some astro insight.

On the very favourable side, Biden has both his Venus and Sun in conjunction with Obama’s Mid-heavan. The mid-heaven represents the highest point of the chart, and the culmination of career success. Biden’s Venus is in almost exact conjunction with Obama’s mid-heaven. This is incredibly favourable. Venus and the Sun will lend a warmth to Obama’s rather academic nature, also together they will be an easy-going, diplomatic force to be reckoned with. This Venus/mid-heaven alliance should be able to woo over and seduce a lot of people. The fact that Biden’s Sun is close by only reinforces this. Perhaps Biden will be the humanising, relatable face of the campaign that Obama so desperately needs to push him to the pinnacle of success.

Biden’s Pluto is also in conjunction with Obama’s Sun and Mercury in Leo. This has a regenerative effect on both Obama’s image as well as his intellectual views. Biden should be able to challenge Obama to see new things in new ways and push him to be his best self.

Even though they were not born in the same year, they have their North Nodes in close conjunction in the last, most intense degree of Leo. The have fundamentally the same values, and were put on earth to fight the same battles. Leo normally likes to fight for the underdog, and stand up for the little guy. Obama’s North Node is conjunct Uranus, the planet of change, while Biden’s is conjunct Chiron, which rules healing and wearing an honest face to the world. Together they would be a powerful team to take the USA, and the world, to a higher, more authentic place and restore an optimistic order after the darkness of the Bush years.

Biden’s Saturn and Uranus are sandwiched around Obama’s intellectual Gemini Moon. There is alot of good feeling between them. Saturn and Uranus represent the dual harmonies of stability and change. Biden’s council will be able to assist Obama’s very strong mind in synthesizing these two seemingly disparate concepts into an attainable whole.

Gemini Moon’s have the need for constant and varied intellectual stimulation. Biden can truly electrify, as well as focus, Obama’s mind. Their brainstorming sessions could be extremely inventive and productive. There could be a tendency to get into heated arguments, however, as Biden’s Saturn and Uranus square Obama’s Pluto. But the amazingly transformative power of these planets cannot be denied, and there could be the potential for sweeping reforms, as well, that come out of their debates. If these two can maintain their respect for each other, which shouldn’t be hard, with their large amount of harmonious aspects, they can really move mountains.

Biden has a number of planets in his 12th house, so he is at ease taking a backseat role and getting things done behind the scenes. He does not need to be on center-stage. He is also a man of secrets as he has four planets in Scorpio in the 12th house – an extremely private person. He can be a very powerful confidente, loose lips sink ships as they say, but Obama should be careful as well as Biden’s Mars is conjunct Obama’s Neptune and this conjunction is squaring Biden’s Pluto and Obama’s Sun. Biden’s enthusiasms could take Obama down a wrong path. Especially in the realm of foreign policy, Obama would be best to get advice from a wide range of advisors. The two of them may become too idealistic, and may need to be brought back down to the dreary workaday, bureaucratic world the rest of us live in. But boy can they ever dream big, and will work their hardest to make those dreams a reality.

Also Biden’s Neptune is in almost exact square with Obama’s Venus on the Aries point (The first degree of the cardinal signs). They can really get carried away and devise almost unattainable, unrealistic goals. They need to be wary of not getting overly idealistic. Their Saturn placements, however, should help them keep their feet on the ground.

There is an almost exact opposition between Biden’s Jupiter and Obama’s Saturn. Obama will be very much the more cautious of the two, which is ironic as Obama is running as the change candidate. This could lead to frictions as Biden may want to take a more expansive role on certain issues, while Obama tries to put the breaks on to ponder things. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult aspect, in fact it could be helpful as the duo would most likely see two sides of every coin.

Another aspect to watch out for is Biden’s Moon squaring Obama’s Jupiter. These two might fuel each other’s flames and allow themselves to get swept up on a wave that leads to a type of zeal that could be mistaken for over-confidence or self-righteousness. It may difficult to maintain an aura of humility and they may need to learn how to tone it down a bit in public.