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John McCain’s Bad Full Moon

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In a previous post, I said that John McCain had to watch out for September 15th, as the Full Moon conjunct Uranus aspected critical points in his birth chart that may see some type of upset or rift in store for him. I said maybe Sarah Palin may disappear from view for a while or […]

The Economic Meltdown and the Full Moon

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Monday saw the annual Full Moon in Pisces, with the Moon exactly conjunct Uranus and squaring Pluto while forming a loose opposition to Saturn. Full Moons are about endings and Uranus is all about surprise, and Saturn represents the status quo and the fall of such an old established institution as Lehman Brothers is surely […]

There is a Season Change, Change, Change…..Election Predictions

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Next month we are undergoing one of the most profound astrological periods of the decade. This makes me extremely worried about this election, as the energies are really intense and thinking may not be clear. This is a period when history happens, whether we want it to or not. First off, the date of the […]

September Scopes: Note to Aquarians

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I accidentally posted the wrong scope for Aquarius. This has been corrected and the proper Aquarian scope is now up at If the new horoscopes are not appearing you must empty your browser’s cache or temporary internet files. To do this in Explorer, go to “tools”, click on the “general” tab. Under “Browsing History” […]

All September Horoscopes are up!

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I have posted all September horoscopes over at If the new horoscopes are not appearing you must empty your browser’s cache or temporary internet files. To do this in Explorer, go to “tools”, click on the “general” tab. Under “Browsing History” click on settings. Where it says “Check for newer versions of stored pages” […]

Get Levi a GED Stat…

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The soon to be “dude-in-law” of Sarah “Sammy Jo” Palin and Bristol babby daddy is a high school drop out and has no plans of returning to school at the moment, according to his mother. At least he won’t need to worry about student loans and be able to give all his earnings to his […]

Is Sarah Palin McCain’s Lady Di?

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A spunky young woman. The perfect trophy who would do what she was told while energising the base. Chosen for her commitment to virtue. Sarah Palin? or Lady Di? It is interesting how the choice of a “little lady” type proved so disastrous to the royal family, and now history is repeating itself in the […]

Will Palin Leave the Ticket? Look to the Full Moon…

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First off, what a wierd decor. I have seen the bear carcass rugs before, but that mutant-sized crab anti-magazine theft device is beyond surreal. There is a lot of talk, and actual speculation on Intrade, that Sarah Palin may step down. McCain is rash enough that anything is possible. Although, she would probably give some […]

Sarah Palin : Meet the Inlaws : The Cloudy Haze of Neptune

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Neptune transits are where nightmares and dreams meet and can warp into some strange new reality. Sarah “Sammy Jo” Palin has been having Neptune transits a-go-go the past few years, and for a good few to come. As I said before, she has a relatively simple chart, with not many major transits, the biggie configuration […]

Curiouser and Curiouser….The Twin Peaks Saga of Sarah Palin Continues

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This Sarah Palin saga is better than a telenovella, she’s some kind of white valley trash Alexis Carrington….or better yet, Sammy Jo. I hope her birth time becomes available soon. Are birth certificates public record in Alaska? I am normally not into politics, but this is just so Peyton Place. Small town scandals are the […]

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