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The Scorpio – Leo Fatal Attaction

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There is this weird fatal, yet inevitable, attraction between Scorpios and Leos. They are by far two of the most intense signs of the zodiac, and they feed off each others passion, loyalty, selfless generosity and integrity. Sometimes though, the brooding Scorpio element can suck down the Leos more sunny disposition. Hillary and Bill Clinton […]

Obama’s Upcoming Heartache

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The past few years, from late 2005 onwards have been incredibly magical for Obama. He has also been free from any major challenging long-term astrological transits from the heavy-hitting outer planets. The heavens have truly been smiling on him. That all changes in 2009, when Obama will be hit with a number of challenging transits. […]

McCain the Angry Leprechaun

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When this election cycle first began, I was kind of glad it was Obama versus McCain. More than anything else, I just wanted a moderate to win, someone who wasn’t spewing all the hate and division that has really divided the USA ever since Monica Lewinsky came on the scene. I thought McCain was a […]

Obama the Buddha

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Watching the debates, it was amazing to witness how collected Obama is. It was as if he were the Buddha sitting at the foot of the tree of enlightenment refusing to allow himself to get caught up in the maya of the world This can be seen in his birth chart by his Grand Trine […]

Get the plane ready and grab the harpoon: she’s gone rogue!

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First off, I, too, do not see why Palin had to spend 150,000 dollars on new duds when her old clothes, as witnessed in the photo above, already demonstrated her indomitable sense of style. Recently a McCain advisor had the following words to share on the topic of Sarah Palin, “She is a diva. She […]

Electionwatch: Hack the Vote

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A number of news organisations including CNN have had pieces on how easy it is to hack electronic voting machines and that there is a lot of vulnerability in the US voting system. So what is the astrological outlook? On election day, there is an exact square of Neptune and Mars (this is just the […]

Marcia Brady’s Chiron Return

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The character of Marcia Brady is, for generations of Americans, an archetype of the all-American golden girl. The sweet, perfect girl next door who all the boys aspire to make their own. It came as a bit of a shocker then, that the real life Marcia, Maureen McCormick struggled for years with drug addiction and […]

Madonna’s Virgo Ascendant

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So how did Madonna go from someone who was an iconoclastic, daring, brazen, renegade to someone who would schedule sex with her hubbby weeks in advance, with the emphasis of fitting it into her workout schedule? Madonna is a Leo with a Virgo ascendant. Our ascendants represent how we appear to others, while our sun […]

The Crystal Ball: The Upcoming Food Crisis of mid-Summer 2009

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A recent article in the Washington Post talks about the global food crisis. The recent economic crisis has pushed this out of the headlines, but the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation has recently warned of “a looming disaster next year if countries do not make food security a top priority.” The economic crisis has made […]

Madonna’s Divorce and Her Saturn Square

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In a previous post, I predicted the break-up of Madonna and Guy, stating the period of their divorce would take place sometime from November 2008 to July 2009, during Madonna’s Saturn square. “Madonna’s own square to her natal Saturn in the house of home and family from November through late July of 2009 could signify […]

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