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The Ultimate Election Prediction Post

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Here it is, a digest of all the posts of the past week. Obama wins. 1) Obama has better transits on inauguration day. Today, he has Mars conjunct his Mid-Heaven, signifying a 2-year peak in career matters. He has a number of transits in his 9th house, there may be legal issues to fight. 2) […]

Strange Tales From the Polling Place

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So I have my own strange tale from the polling place to tell. I live in France, so the Obama campaign had this offer where you could Fedex your vote for just 20$. When I went to drop off my ballot, the woman in front of me was sending 48,000 Euro in cash in a […]

Final Prediction: Bad Days for John McCain, Obama’s Chart Slightly More Favourable

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There are three factors in John McCain’s chart that make me predict he will lose today: Jupiter is in close opposition to his mid-heaven, the Sun is squaring his Mars in his house of career success (and emphasizing his angry gnome qualities) and a major life transit: the Saturn Opposition to Natal Saturn. Barack Obama’s […]

Election Day Transits: Uranus opposite Saturn, Mars square Neptune, Oh My!

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Uranus opposite Saturn: Election Day Big deal, this is. This is a relatively rare transit and this is the first of a series. Uranus and Saturn will be playing tag a number times between now and 2010. Last time this happened was in the mid-60s, and before that 1920, the dawn of the modern era, […]

November Horoscopes Are Posted!

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All the horoscopes for November are now posted! November’s energy is really intense so get ready! I will be adding some new blog posts today about the election, so check back. Horoscopes are at: If the new horoscopes are not appearing you must empty your browser’s cache or temporary internet files. This way you […]

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