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A reminder to those who place an order….

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Please make sure you put my email address: michelle at astrologydetective dot com on your anti-spam list or in your address book; if not I may not be able to get you your order. Spam features are really strong these days, esp on hotmail accounts or accounts provided by ISP providers. Today, a certain Taurus […]

Will they ever declare a winner in the Franken / Coleman Senate race?

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The November 2008 US elections took place during a Mercury Retrograde period, promising confusion, mix-ups and vague results, as was the case in the still on-going Franken / Coleman Senate race in Minnesota. Lots of times confused issues that arise during a Merc retro period are resolved during a subsequent Merc retro period / shadow […]

Twitter and the evolution of language

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I find I have two types of friends, those that hate twitter but love facebook, and those that love twitter but don’t use facebook as much. I also find that my friends who are more literary-minded to be solidly in the twitter camp. Facebook is a bit like hanging out in reality, you talk as […]

April Twitterscopes are up!

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I have experimented with horoscopes in the twitter format this month. Just 140 characters a sign! You can view them at: You don’t need to have a twitter account to read them

Madonna’s Adoption Denied: Transitting Ceres and Motherhood

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Madonna’s bid to adopt a little girl from Malawi was just denied – poor Mercy James, the 5th Beatle of the Madonna Family. Ceres, the asteroid that rules nurturing and motherhood is currently retrograde and conjunct Madonna’s Natal Pluto in the 12th house. The 12th house rules our dreams and inner-most motivating desires, as well […]

Michelle Obama’s Unorthodox Arms

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In the 19th century, a brief view of a woman’s ankles was considered outrageously shocking…who would have thought that over a century later people would be so unnerved over a little upper-arm. Yesterday, the question on everyone’s mind with the Obama’s trip to Europe wasn’t about the economic crisis or fundamental reform, but “Will Michelle […]

Mega-Sale at

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I have placed the 2009 Year Ahead Horoscope Ebooks on a kind of clearance sale. They are now just $3.50 per sign for approx 25 pages of astro-insights on love, career, money, friends, family and more. To order:

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