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Intense times: What’s up with the stars these days?

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Sudden deaths of a myriad of celebrities, revolutions in Iran and Honduras, what is going on? Well a lot, astrology-wise. There is a lot of intense, really rare energy this summer: the alignment of Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter (so rare wont happen again until 2239), a series of eclipses in a new eclipse cycle (eclipses […]

Michael Jackson: Saturn exactly conjunct natal Ceres in Virgo amid reports of weight loss

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Yesterday, transitting Saturn was exactly conjunct Michael Jackson’s natal Ceres. is reporting that people have been shocked in recent weeks by Michael’s extreme thinness. When Saturn transits a sign, weight loss is favored, and it can be very easy to lose too much, if one is already thin. Ceres is an asteroid that rules […]

Virgos (and Virgo ascendants) take heed of Michael Jackson

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Right now there is a very rare conjunction of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in Virgo’s sixth house of health. This planetary configuration is so rare it will not take place again until 2239. Virgos have a tendency to be gluttons for self-punishment. Their need for control can make them push their body to extremes, and […]

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