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Why We Are All a Bit Bi-Polar These Days…

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There is a huge number of planets roaring through dynamic, fiery Aries – so we should be revved up and roaring to go, right? Well, kind of wrong, as Saturn is in the opposing sign of Libra, putting the brakes on our enthusiasm and keeping our dreams spinning on cinder blocks in the garage. Libran […]

Neptune in Pisces: A return to Passion

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I never really understood the allure of Jane Austen. I mean what kind of person finds their version of ideal passionate romance in a book named Sense and Sensibility I’ve always been more of a Brontë girl, myself. I find it infinitely more interesting to be involved with a brooding, fiery man who keeps an […]

Neptune in Pisces and Sun in Aries

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The following is an article I was commissioned to do for another website. They never signed a contract or paid me to procure ownership of the piece. After several attempts at contacting them, no response. So not as to let it go to waste, here it is! Copyright 2011 INTRO It takes Neptune about […]

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