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Arrivederci Roma! Can the Planets Be Used to Predict Earthquakes?

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Will the final fall of Rome occur on May 11, 2011? The entire Italian Twitterverse (Il Twitterverso, I presume) is abuzz about a decades-old prediction saying that a powerful earthquake will hit central Italy and finish the job that that the Goths started millenia before. Raffaele Bendandi was a self-taught astronomer born in 1893. While […]

Now on Kindle and Nook!

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Get the Astrology Detective May Monthly and Weekly Horoscopes plus Daily Action Guide delivered to your Kindle or Nook ebook Reader. Kindle Click Here Nook Click Here If you do not have a Kindle or Nook and would like to subscribe to the Weekly Horoscopes, New and Full Moon Reports with Daily Action Guide, and […]

Osama Bin Laden’s Endgame

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The decade-long super-edition of Where’s Waldo ended last night when Evil Mastermind, Boris Badenov, I mean Osama Bin Laden, was killed at his luxury secret lair and disposed at sea. With expansive Jupiter conjuncting warriorlike Mars in its ruler, Aries, it was the perfect moment for a BIG event in a matter concerning war. While […]

Horoscopes for the Kindle, Nook and IPad!

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I am in the process of launching weekly and monthly horoscopes with a Daily Action Guide for the Kindle, Nook and Ipad You can order at my site: in the horoscopes section. The Kindle and Nook links should be up very soon, as they are in the process of being reviewed. Ibookstore has a […]

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