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The Astrology of Sex Appeal

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If you haven’t seen the new documentary, Senna, don’t walk, don’t run, but drive as fast as you can to the nearest cinema to watch it asap. Ayton Senna is one of the icons of Formula 1 auto racing, who died in a tragic accident in his early 30s. Even if you aren’t into sports […]

In Search Of…..Astrology

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Here is a fun documentary on astrology from back in the 70s. It’s so much fun to see the people saying what signs they are, the Sadge kid, the Virgo dude, and by FAR the Leo chick I think just go to prove the point. It’s hosted by Dr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy – Aries […]

Birthday Twins : July 22 : Born on the Cancer / Leo Cusp

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Edward Hopper: Painter Sun: Cancer Ascendant: Unknown Moon: Libra Today is one of those cusp-y days. People born today could either be Cancer or Leo, depending on the year, and sometimes even time of day. Opinion differs on what it means to be born on a cusp, which means the days when the Sun is […]

Electionwatch: John McCain Gets Revved Up (By His Standards), Mars in One’s Sun Sign

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On July 1, Mars entered Virgo. Just a few days later Virgo John McCain radically shook up his campaign organisation by, among other things, naming a central campaign director to oversee all aspects of his presidential run (he didn’t have one before – stroke of genius there). Ever since, McCain has been reinvigorated, even showing […]

Birthday Twins : June 16 : Geronimo : Born to a Special Purpose

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Geronimo, Apache Leader Sun: Gemini Ascendant: Unknown Moon: Leo Geronimo was born with a configuration known as a kite in his natal chart. Kites are basically a Grand Trine with an opposition thrown in, forming a kite-like formation. Grand Trines are known to be extremely lucky aspects in a birth chart, but the energy often […]

Anton Corbijn: Joy Division, Chiron and Control

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“I was approaching 50, and I felt for a while it was weird for someone my age to work from obsessions from his teenage years. I wanted to cut that off and felt the movie might be a really good way to make an end to that whole period of teenage obsessions and, at the […]

Birthday Twins : May 29 : LaToya : The Blacksheep of the Jackson Family

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LaToya Jackson: Reformed Blacksheep of the Jacksons Sun: Gemini Ascendant: Unknown Moon: Aquarius A list of today’s birthday twins at dlisted In the Jackson Clan, LaToya somehow has often been the odd one out, suffering periods of estrangements with her family, and often acting out against them by divulging family secrets and making public accusations […]

Birthday Twins : May 28 : Ian Fleming : Writing Talent in a Chart

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Ian Fleming: Creator of James Bond Sun: Gemini Ascendant: Aquarius Moon: Taurus A list of today’s birthday twins at dlisted If you want to detect writing talent in a birth chart, there are 3 things you want to look for primarily: planets and aspects emanating from the 3rd house, as well as that house’s ruler, […]

Starwatch : Mercury Retrograde : You talkin’ to Me?

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Here’s Burt from Sesame Street doing the Taxi Driver monologue, language NSFW. Mercury Retro sometimes feels this way. Today Mercury goes retrograde until June 19. Mercury retrogrades are periods when the energy related to the planet Mercury and the sectors it rules can go a bit screwy. Communication can go haywire with crossed wires and […]

Birthday Twins : May 22 : Hergé : Tintin in Tibet and the Chiron Return

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Hergé: Cartoonist and Creator of Tintin Sun: Gemini Ascendant: Cancer Moon: Virgo More of today’s birthday twins at dlisted The book, Tintin in Tibet, is actually an extended allegory of its author’s own breakdown and cure. In the years prior to starting the book, Hergé was crippled by a series of breakdowns as well as […]

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