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The Astrology of Sex Appeal

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If you haven’t seen the new documentary, Senna, don’t walk, don’t run, but drive as fast as you can to the nearest cinema to watch it asap. Ayton Senna is one of the icons of Formula 1 auto racing, who died in a tragic accident in his early 30s. Even if you aren’t into sports […]

Into the Light : Yves Saint-Laurent : Structured Beauty

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Yves Saint Laurent: Fashion Designer and Style Icon 1936 – 2008 Sun: Leo Ascendant: Aquarius Moon: Capricorn Yves Saint-Laurent passed away Sunday evening in Paris. I feel doubly sad every time one of these icons of the post-war-yet-pre-hippie era passes away, they were the last generation that really combined creation with craftsmanship. It’s as if […]

Birthday Twins : May 16 : Hazel O’Connor : Godmother of New Wave

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Hazel O’Connor: Musician and Missing Link Between Punk and New Wave Sun: Taurus Ascendant: Unknown Moon: Pisces More of today’s birthday twins at dlisted Hazel O’Connor is the star of the 80s cult film Breaking Glass, whose music represents the transition point from the anger of punk to the electronic melodies of new wave, melding […]

The Daily Vibe : May 15 : Anarchy in the UK

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Sex Pistols: Anarchy in the UK Moon square Pluto, Moon sextile Mars, Moon inconjunct Saturn Today’s a day when emotional conflict can lead to standing up to the man, with a desire to change the status quo, by destruction if necessary. The Moon squaring Pluto leads to power struggles over control and dominance, while its […]

Birthday Twins: April 23

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Shirley Temple (80) Sun: Taurus Ascendent: Sagittarius Moon: Gemini More of today’s birthday twins at dlisted The planets have aligned well for the deubt entry of this blog. This first ever post just happens to be for my original personal hero, Shirley Temple. Shirley totally rocks it! The original child star, she makes all the […]

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